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10 pack - light duty u post for fencing on
10 pack - light duty u post for fencing
The 6Ft Light Duty U Post is ideal for your light fencing needs. It weighs approximately 0.49Lbs per foot and is 14gauge. 10 posts included.Size: 6 Ft
Price: $70.99
Item Number : 5-212005
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6 jould low impedence fencer on
6 jould low impedence fencer
The 6 Joule Low Impedence Fencer has 10. 9 stored joules. It Charges up to 50 miles of fence. It is Ul listed.
Price: $178.99
Item Number : 5-206875
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6 volt solar fencer on
6 volt solar fencer
This 6 Volt Solar Fencer has a 10 mile range has 0.33 stored joules and 0.15 joule output. It works well in Moderate, dry weed conditions. Product has a 6 volt, 10 amp battery with pulsed dc output (1-second. Intervals). It has a Solar-region setting for
Price: $167.99
Item Number : 5-209527
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abetta 5’ stock whip on
abetta 5’ stock whip
Features A Tightly Braided Nylon Over A Solid Fiberglass Core Shaft With A 6’’ Drop With String Popper And A Pvc Handle Grip.
Price: $12.99
Item Number : 5-285226
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abetta cattle control halter on
abetta cattle control halter
Heavy 1’’ doubled nylon with chromed steel hardware and chain. The chain chin strap aids in controling the animal
Price: $21.99
Item Number : 5-296873
More info about abetta cattle control halter    buy abetta cattle control halter now
abetta cattle show halter on
abetta cattle show halter
Leather cattle show halter with flat nose and cheeks, leather lead with chain end. Lead measures 60’’.
Price: $44.99
Item Number : 5-296778
More info about abetta cattle show halter    buy abetta cattle show halter now
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