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’horse ii’ (brazil) on
’horse ii’ (brazil)
Thundering hooves gallop across the scene as sinuous muscles take shape in smooth chestnut ribbon. Ricardo Siccuro creates an almost surreal image, realistic yet imaginary. Casting a shadow on the textured blue background, the proud sorrel steed prances i
Price: $84.99
Item Number : 99172
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’horse standing’ (brazil) on
’horse standing’ (brazil)
Suzanah Levy’s passion for horses is well-displayed in this painting. She captures the horse’s elegant stance as it bucks with its mane dancing in the wind. Levy combines acrylics with pencils to evoke the mighty equine’s presence. Paint
Price: $279.99
Item Number : 77346
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’long-legged horse,’ sculpture (small) (brazil) on
’long-legged horse,’ sculpture (small) (brazil)
Mario Garcia presents this stylish sculpture, abusing the possibilities of forms and contours. Long stilted legs bulge abstractly at the shoulders, creating mounds of movement within the animal’s dark hide. This modern ceramic piece reveals the eter
Price: $224.99
Item Number : 65607
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’racing horses,’ relief panel (indonesia) on
’racing horses,’ relief panel (indonesia)
Rearing and prancing, two spirited horses race down forest paths beneath a rustling canopy of quivering leaves in the shadow of a tall volcanic peak. Their slender grace belies their enormous strength and stamina. Ketut Darma portrays the handsome steeds
Price: $592.99
Item Number : 53724
More info about ’racing horses,’ relief panel (indonesia)    buy ’racing horses,’ relief panel (indonesia) now
1 amp replacement fuse for electric fencers on
1 amp replacement fuse for electric fencers
Replacement 1 amp fuse for all fused 110-volt model electric fencers.Color: Silver
Price: $3.99
Item Number : 5-265570
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100% natural himalayan black rock salt on
100% natural himalayan black rock salt
Himalayan Horse Black Salt - Let the goodness of nature work for your horse! Black Salt is an effective remedy for improved digestion for your horse. Black Salt may aid in the prevention of colic, as horses drink more water with regular use. The unrefined
Price: $5.99
Item Number : 5-268416
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